ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX – World’s First Mini LED Gaming Monitor

Nice colours and very good image high quality are two of the principle elements that assist create immersion whilst your gaming. In spite of the significance of fine colour, observe producers don’t all the time calibrate the colour in their panels to what’s deemed correct inside particular colour spectrums – sRGB/Rec.709 as an example.

We adore to check every observe for colour copy to look how they’d carry out in color-accurate eventualities.

Listed below are the consequences for the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG32UQX.

NOTE: ASUS has pre-calibrated this observe to a mean DeltaE <2.

Like all the time, we started the colour accuracy efficiency segment through operating a easy check at the PG32UQX proper out of the field. For this observe, Racing mode used to be set with a brightness of 285 candelas – greater than the beneficial stage for sunlight hours utilization.

The colours proper out of the field for this observe had been extremely correct. As you’ll see from the desk above, we recorded a white stability of 6884K, respectable black intensity, and incredible 3307:1 distinction ratio – a lot more than the 1000:1 marketed. Extra spectacular, on the other hand, used to be the 0.54 reasonable deltaE. This makes the PG32UQX one of the correct gaming displays we’ve examined – enabling it to accomplish colour correct paintings inside the sRGB spectrum.

Subsequent, we loaded the sRGB colour preset. Enabling this preset would lock the brightness and distinction of the observe – quite usual process in most current panels. We ran the assessments and the consequences had been beautiful an identical from an accuracy viewpoint. The White level used to be rather upper (6935K) and black intensity rose just a little (0.15cd/m2). The distinction dropped through over part and the common deltaE used to be just about equivalent (0.56).

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There used to be a tonne of different presets throughout the observe’s OSD, however few introduced accuracy that used to be as regards to the sRGB spectrum. That mentioned, we did take some notes at the preset that are underneath:

Cinema – Cinema mode gives a rather blueish hue when in comparison to the sRGB preset. It additionally feels just a little washed out compared, with a much less gamma-rich profile.

FPS –FPS is the brightest of the GameVisual choices, offering what appears like a spice up in blacks – nice for FPS shooters the place pinpointing your enemy is important.

RTS/RPG Mode –This preset gives a an identical profile to that of sRGB. The image feels neatly balanced with a much broader colour gamut than each FPS and surroundings modes.

After trying out the quite a lot of presets, I wasted no time and determined to calibrate the panel – recording colour gamut, panel uniformity, and total colour accuracy.

I decided on the calibrated ‘out-the-box’ settings, leaving the RGB values at 127/127/127. 

Listed below are the consequences:

After calibration, the colour accuracy didn’t building up through a lot. Having a look on the desk, white level used to be now very best however black intensity used to be at a brand new low (0.16c/m2). The distinction ratio wasn’t nice and gamma used to be set to two.1. Moderate DeltaE did drop to 0.33 – with a most of two.01, respectively.

General, the colour accuracy of the PG32UQX used to be extraordinarily excellent. I may simply suggest this observe to avid gamers that care to do colour correct paintings (inside the sRGB spectrum) at the aspect.

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Panel Uniformity

Panel uniformity is a check we run to test how uniform the luminance and colour is around the entirety of the display screen. Right through this check, the middle sq. is used because the reference house. Each and every different sq. is then examined to look how a long way it differentiates from the reference.

In a super international, we wish each sq. to be inexperienced, that means it hasn’t damaged the differential threshold – one thing we will set at the beginning of the check.

Observe: effects will vary from panel to panel.

Panel uniformity PG32UQX JPG min

The panel uniformity at the PG32UQX used to be beautiful excellent, however not anything impressive. As you’ll see from the graph above, huge parts of the observe showcased an ‘amber’ ranking, that means the colour/luminance of that quadrant exceeded the differential threshold of the reference quadrant – which on this situation used to be a deltaE of two.

While this can be a small flaw on this observe, we will have to no longer fail to remember that panel uniformity does vary from panel to panel. And for our observe, viewing wearing occasions or content material with huge blocks of colour used to be nonetheless completely applicable.

Viewing Angles

The viewing angles in this observe had been extremely excellent, offering very good image high quality even if at difficult to understand angles. Having a look on the observe from over 45 levels does lead to a small quantity of luminance shift, however not anything overly evident. Colours stayed beautiful true and common viewing used to be completely applicable, as soon as once more.

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Colour Gamut

As a part of the calibration procedure, the DisplayCal will give a correct size of the colour gamut the observe can give. Beneath are the result of the colour gamut check:

We needed to permit the ‘broad gamut’ atmosphere within the OSD to reach those rankings.

Color Gamut Measurements PG32UQX


Having a look on the measurements above, we had been extremely inspired through the entire dimension of the colour gamut this observe equipped. We recorded a complete sRGB gamut quantity of 184%, over 20% greater than the marketed gamut. That interprets to 126.8% Adobe RGB and 130.3% DCI-P3 quantity – one of the crucial biggest we’ve ever examined.

Color Gamut Graph PG32UQX

Taking a better have a look at the colour gamut graph, you’ll obviously see how a long way the PG32UQX exceeds the sRGB spectrum – showcased through the dotted line. The PG32UQX gives an enormous selection of colour variants within the crimson and inexperienced sectors – taking into account a richer, extra sensible enjoy when in usual and HDR modes.

Pair this with the out the field accuracy of this panel, and the PG32UQX is definitely one of the crucial best possible displays we’ve ever examined with regards to colour.

Most And Minimal Brightness

We ended the colour accuracy and film high quality trying out through checking the utmost brightness, minimal brightness, and 120 candelas issues in this panel. The consequences are underneath:

Brightness Candelas
100% Brightness 551cd/m²
0% Brightness 44cd/m²
15 Brightness 120 cd/m²

Calibrated Profile

For many who wish to use our calibrated colour profile, you’ll discover a hyperlink underneath the place you’ll obtain the zip document.


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